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This pagei is a reproduction of the PMD Pro Story, published at the PM4NGOs website.

The Challenge

NGOs excel at designing important, life-changing projects. Yet without the tools to manage them properly, some projects fail to deliver promised results. How can we respond as a sector to do the right projects in the right way?


Donors, NGOs, partners, and communities increasingly collaborate on projects that require new communication tools and frameworks.


Donors and communities require transparency about project outcomes and other key metrics.


NGOs and their partners are increasingly more accountable to deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

The Solution

Project Management for Development Professionals - is a best practice guide and certification that provides project managers the skills needed to deliver effective, transparent results to donors and communities.


PMD Pro provides a common and contextualized vocabulary and framework specifically for managing development projects.


The PMD Pro Guide and online learning platforms are a free learning resource for the development community. Certification in PMD Pro levels 1 or 2 costs as little as $22 per person.


With online course guides in several languages, PMD Pro reaches professionals wherever they work. Over 77% of those certified are from developing countries.

Developed by and for NGOs, PMD Pro is a global standard for project management that has reached over 20,000 development professionals.

LINGOs (currently Humentum) began to work with a group of international NGOs in 2007 to collectively define principles and best practices in project management in the development sector. That early group received some funding from PMIEF and included Catholic Relief Services, Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, Save the Children, Oxfam and others as well as representatives from The Project Management Institute. The work of that group laid out a framework for the Project Management in Development curriculum which was developed and field tested by over 200 practitioners from 15 organizations in 20 countries.

With feedback from that initial testing and additional funding from APMG, the PMD Pro Guide and PMD Pro Certification scheme were developed and launched in 2010 in Johannesburg and Zambia. Since that launch over 25,000 individuals in over 160 countries have participated in the PMD Pro certification. 

In 2011, the ownership of the PMD Pro Guide and certification were turned over to a new organization PM4NGOs to maintain and expand the standard.

At that time, LINGOs began to offer training and consulting services to organizations and individuals interested in adopting PMD Pro tools and techniques. In order to more rapidly spread the PMD Pro methodology, LINGOs has also trained several organizations to deliver the PMD Pro courses and have provided materials for trainers at no cost to anyone interested in conducting PMD Pro certification preparation classes.

Impact where it matters most: 77% of PMD Pro participants work in a developing country.

The Benefits

On Time

NGOs using PMD Pro report reduced delays because PMD Pro tools help development staff define project risks and goals, assess progress, and efficiently delegate work.

On Budget

NGOs using PMD Pro report improved cost management, enhanced donor reporting, and more confident project and program staff.

Proven Results

Project stakeholders report benefits from increased transparency, common vocabulary and improved project outcomes.

"If we don't do project management right, nothing else is possible. PMD Pro and Mercy Corps' own Program Management at Mercy Corps Initiative are finally giving us a common language that has been missing for many years".

-Craig Redmond, Senior Vice President of Programs, Mercy Corps

Case Studies

Visit the PM4NGOs website to read case studies, watch testimonial videos, and know more about the PMD Pro story.

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